I am pleased to announce I am presenting at Microsoft Build 2021. The event runs between May 25th - 27th.

This year, I will be presenting with Justin Yoo, who is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. We will both be hosting a Connection Zone session.

It’s a brave new world for developers, navigating a new set of tools ranging from low-code to pro-code, partnering with citizen developer counterparts, while trying to bring about business change. Let’s get together to identify different use cases for the developer tools discussed and learn what challenges are being faced, as well as how to solve these challenges using the toolset Microsoft has to offer. Unmute yourself, turn your camera on - No presentations here! Be prepared for chat and a fun interactive discussion!

Registration for Build is free, and you can catch myself and Justin on Thursday 27th May at 10:30 AM BST. Find out more about our session here.