Roundup of GA Announcements from Ignite

Roundup of GA Announcements from Ignite

More than 36 general availability (GA) announcements were made at Microsoft Ignite in the past week. 21 of them coming from Azure and some closely related services.


  • Azure Sentinel gets more than 30 new connectors overing a raft of new services including Dynamics, Salesforce, and Cisco Umbrella. Improvements in data ingestion, analytics, and playbooks are also announced.
  • Azure Machine Learning gets new role based access controls.
  • Azure Stream Analytics is now generally available and supports dedicated clusters in single-tenant.
  • Azure Cache for Redis, now has two additional tiers; Enterprise and Enterprise Flash.
  • Azure Resource Mover, is a new capability allowing you to migrate their applications from one region to another once a new region is launched or to take advantage of region with availability zones.
  • Azure Communication Services, will be generally available in a few weeks after a preview period that started in September.
  • Private Azure Marketplace service, allows organization to limit which solutions their users find from the broader Azure Marketplace.
  • Azure Arc now supports the management of Kubernetes clusters.
  • Centralised backup supports now virtual machines, SQL on Azure, HANA and Azure Files.
  • Azure Remote Rendering, is generally available for performing the compute intensive rendering, then streaming them in real-time to devices.
  • Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop is also generally available in the coming weeks.

Azure Active Directory

Minor Updates

  • Public IP addresses when changed between SKUs now maintain the IP address without it changing.
  • Guided experience for selecting the right load balancing option will make it's way to the portal.
  • More complete peering and Global Reach configuration with ExpressRoute Portal.
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